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High Concentration of Polyphenol

The high content of polyphenols and the Oleocanthal molecule make this oil a panacea against cardiovascular diseases.

Innovative Crushing Technology

The pressing is carried out in a two-phase process with separate malaxers to obtain a single variety production without compromise.

Only Organic Tuscan Olives

Luxolio Synergy is obtained from the cold pressing of different varieties of Tuscan organic olives: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Rossellino.

Tuscan 100%, certificate of excellence

It presents all the unmistakable olfactory and sensory notes of the oils produced entirely within the regional borders of Tuscany.

The Luxolio Synergy extra virgin olive oil from the Tarchi Fabrizio farm was born on the slopes of Montalbano in Vinci (Florence), not far from the places that gave birth to and inspired the great genius Leonardo.

Luxolio Synergy is the result of an innovative method of circular and synergistic agriculture and a philosophy attentive to the principles of Nutraceuticals, the discipline that investigates all the components or active ingredients of foods with positive effects for health, prevention and treatment of diseases. .

Thanks to its qualities, this oil is analyzed and monitored by the PHYTOLAB – DISIA Laboratory (University of Florence – Faculty of Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and is involved in various medical-scientific research projects at the Tor Vergata Hospital Clinic in Rome and the San Raffaele of Milan.

What makes this oil so special?

The very high content of polyphenols, important for counteracting the aging of cognitive and mnemonic functions. The high concentration of the Oleocanthal molecule, which carries out a powerful anti-inflammatory action which, combined with polyphenols, makes this oil a natural antioxidant against cardiovascular diseases.


From synergistic agriculture

Luxolio Synergy was born from an innovative method of circular and synergistic agriculture and from a philosophy that pays attention to healthy nutrition.


Extraordinary olive oil

Due to its excellent properties, Luxolio Synergy is monitored by the Phytolab of the University of Florence and is studied in international research projects.

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True Italian excellence

Our product, true excellence of Made in Italy, is a concentration of knowledge of the best fruits of the territory and passion for an ancient job.

Scientific References

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Benefits for your health


Prevents clotting

Olive oil can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, it also improves blood clotting.


Improve your memory

The antioxidants present in olive oil have been shown to counteract memory deficits related to the disease.


Helps digest

Though high in calories, olive oil has been shown to help reduce obesity levels.


Antiviral action

As in plants, polyphenols perform the function of protection from external agents, also in the human body they are anti-inflammatory and...


Fights cholesterol

Some polyphenols have an effect on the metabolism, as they inhibit the storage of fat in the cells and increase the basal metabolism.


Slow down aging

It counteracts free radicals, resulting from cellular metabolism, which lead to oxidation and premature cell death.