Luxolio Synergy

Luxolio Synergy,  organic extra virgin olive oil with EFSA2012 health claim is the result of a multi-year agronomic experimentation.

It can be consumed as a nutraceutical product and then drunk alone, as a body care product and as a condiment for your recipes.

It is proposed in a hand-made box containing 2 bottles of 0.250 lt, supplied with an explanatory brochure.

We have created a special package that combines functional aspect and craftsmanship quality.

The box is padded with insulating material which allows to maintain the bottling temperature. Reinforced to be shipped also by plane.

Inside, where the two bottles are housed, the package is lined in elegant black satin.

Luxolio Synergy_prodotto_2

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”Taken pure and raw as if it were a medicine, Luxolio Synergy proved to be exceptional in resolving the severe inflammatory state of my son’s intestine.”
Stefania NevaMother

”Anti-inflammatory characteristics allow to make this olive oil in some respects (biological effect) comparable to a medicine”
Pietro PasquettiPhysiatrist and Sports Doctor

”I was lucky enough to taste the precious oil of the Tarchi family and I immediately recognized the characteristics of a product out of the ordinary for intensity, aromatic persistence and pleasantness.”
Daniele GavagniRestaurateur

For your health and well-being, we recommend that you take a daily dose of 20 ml (about 1 tablespoon), to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

To counteract the onset of wrinkles, we recommend that you massage the eye contour and lip contour with a few drops of oil in the evening before going to bed.

Luxolio Synergy is special in the kitchen, we recommend its use in the preparation of some dishes, such as:
– spelled with pesto
– cedar salad
– raw courgettes with parmesan flakes
– boiled beans with shrimp
– potato omelette
– Florentine steak.

We recommend some reading to get even deeper into the world of healthy eating:

  • “Nutrition for healthy living” by Rudolf Steiner
  • “Food for the thyroid” by Simone Grazioli Schagerl
  • “Natural baby food” by Tiziana Valpiana
  • “Salads & salads” by Giunti Demetra